"The Wound is the place where the light enters you.”

- rumi

When we’ve suffered a wound to our womb, we may feel like there’s no soft place to land. We struggle to navigate the pain of abortion, miscarriage, and stillbirth alone. We are not taught effective processes or given proper tools and support to heal from such overwhelming losses. 

Opening this deep wound may feel terrifying.

But healing is possible

Wholeness is your birthright

It's time to step out of the darkness and into your light


Welcome to Womb Cocoon

Within a safe space of love and support, I empower women to transform their womb wounds and be nurtured from heartache to healing to wholeness.

Just as a caterpillar spins herself a silky cocoon in which to transform and emerge with strong, colourful wings, we also must undergo a metamorphosis of our grief.


This process takes time, courage, willingness, vulnerability, trust, patience, and perhaps most importantly, a cocoon to retreat into. Here you can rest, be nourished, and ultimately heal your womb wound. Evolving through your pain will give you a deeper understanding of who you are, as well as your innate ability to create a life of authentic happiness and health.

Are womb wounds showing up in your life?

  • Frequent anger
  • Addictions
    (i.e. alcohol, drugs, work, shopping, food)
  • Anxiety and/or depression
  • Physical ailments (digestive issues, neck/back pain, chronic pain, lung issues)
  • Sleep disorders
  • Life feels chaotic, stuck, or not within your control

Consciously completing your mourning process will release stalled emotional energy that can express itself as any of the patterns listed above and start to resolve issues of unprocessed grief. Using the evidence-based Grief Recovery Method™, as well as gentle colour and light therapy, we can free the potent positive energy of your womb, and allow it to once again flow abundantly – serving your highest vibrational self so you can transform your life.

“I had a miscarriage a few years ago and thought I was okay with it. But I wasn’t. During my work with Terri, I felt a little hand grab mine. Overwhelming strength and love came over me and brought me to tears. I realized it was my baby girl squeezing my hand. That loving connection with my child, that I didn’t know I needed, was deeply healing. Terri created a safe haven where I could share my heartbreak, heartache, joy, inspiration, hopes and dreams. The care that she gives is what I far too often neglect to give to myself. I had no idea she’d forever touch my heart.”
– Shannon C.

“I came to see Terri for treatment after a long healing journey from childhood sexual abuse. I had invested in several different traditional therapies (talk therapy, group therrapy, etc…), and although I was feeling quite strong mentally and emotionally, I was seeking the opportunity to feel even better.

I engaged in a series of light-pen therapies after our initial healing work with Aura-Soma. I was amazed how immediately I felt the effects of the light work. Beyond my mental and emotional healing, Terri’s work allowed me to access trauma points that had be stored at the energetic level. I was able to release locked energy that I never would have been able to articulate through talk-therapy.

I feel so much stronger after our work. I look at the light-pen therapy now as part of general maintenance that I do every few months to remain clear. I feel thankful to have found a resource that responds so well with my body and appreciate the opportunity to heal more of my past.”

– Emily Ward 

“I came to see Terri about fibroid discomfort in my uterus, but after a lengthy conversation, I realized that my pain was much deeper and more intense than I had thought. As a young child I was sexually abused. As a young adult, I was sexually assaulted. Later in life, I had an abortion and then several miscarriages before my beautiful daughter was born. My womb had suffered in so many ways, and I realized this was tied deeply to the emotional pain I had been experiencing for years. Since my work with Terri, I have learned to breathe and to pay attention to my ‘gut’. I have learned to let go and have been able to experience a calmness and sense of peace I haven’t felt in years, if ever. Terri is a calming, reassuring, and insightful expert. She didn’t just help me – she also helped my entire family with her incredible work.”

– Jackie C.

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Millions of women are suffering in silence from the shame, stigma, and disenfranchised grief of abortion. Struggling through the pain of loss from miscarriage, the devastation of a still birth, or the shock of birth trauma, we have no safe space to commune, to share support, and heal together. 

I know this because I have been there. I know well the weight of wounds carried for too long. I am living, breathing proof that healing is possible and necessary. I created this for us, women who have felt the confinement of silence, the isolation of shame, and the desperation of not having the resources necessary to really heal. This is exactly why I created Womb Cocoon.